Provide all children with a secure, caring, friendly, and well organized environment

Offer children and parents a service which promotes equality…

Provide high-quality care and education for children

Work in partnership with parents to help children learn

Age Groups at Footsteps


Infants-3 months to 2 years

We encourage exploration and investigation through play at our home-away-from-home environment. With mirrors, treasure baskets and soft plush toys, we provide plenty of opportunities for sensory exploration.

Toddlers – 1.5 to 3 years

Our Growing ‘Toddlers’ Class provides hands-on exploration and social interaction in a safe, engaging surrounding which helps your little one learn about his or her expanding world.

Easy learners – 3 to 4 years

The curious and vibrant ‘ Easy learners ‘ programme is filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery, where active and enthusiastic children can refine and expand their skills and knowledge.

School prep 4 to 5 years

Our ’ READY for SCHOOL’ programme helps children advance skills in phonics, pre writing and pre reading. Our child-centred approach ensures that children are exposed to a diverse array of learning activities

Why Footsteps


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Making relationships, Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness also Managing Feelings and Behaviour.

Physical Development

Moving and Handling , Health and Self Care

Communication and Language

Listening and Attention, Understanding and Speaking.

Our Events

We believe in overall development of the child which does not only involve academics.Each child is different and we are committed to give nothing but the best.
Our infants and toddlers ( 1-3 year olds ) will now enjoy water safety under professional guidance.

Let love grow.. Happy 72nd Independence Day

We hit the news again.. The ‘ New Normal ‘ in Early Years Education.

A daunting task, unlike with older children who are capable of handling it independently. Preschool teachers will need to rely on parents to ensure that the learning they are providing is accessible and flown through at home. In conversation with the Director of Footsteps Preschool, Fazra Irfan on the effectiveness and success of their method of distance learning with preschoolers, here’s what she had to say. Read more


And we hit the news again!!
Footsteps Preschool and daycare: Come see what we’re all about.

Save the date.. Exclusively for


#footstepsvirtulapreschool parents.

Children must wear a face mask, stop the spread of covid-19 among children

The pandemic has brought forward many new norms and virtual classrooms have become an essential part of social structure.
Early learners are the most difficult age group to adopt this change from school to learning at home.
Many thanks to everyone who contributed towards this🤩
In conversation with Principal of

Wesley College, Colombo


Avanka Fernando

Principal of

Lakeland Inter-American School

: Inakshi Samarawikrema
Central Manager of

Footsteps Preschool – Dehiwala


Fazra Irfan

and the wonderful moms

Fathima Zameena Rumzee


Shakya Nawarathne


Tivani Anandappa


Natasha Fernando


Dhanya Seneviratne

, Mifla Namaz
Read the full story here 

WSO2 declares open it’s refurbished creche facility and partners with Footsteps in managing the facility..

All Footsteps Parents. Please join us for an interactive live session!

Exclusively for Footsteps Preschool Parents. Join us for an informative zoom session on the 11th of June 2020.

We can’t spell SUCCESS without U. Proudly completing one year of fostering young minds. Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for being a part of this challenging journey. The best is yet to come.

Thank You for the feature 

 October edition 2020.

Razana Muzni

Fazra irfan
Hasna Maharoof

— feeling thankful.

We are ever so grateful for all the support and love this year.

Looking forward to another year of making memories with your little one at #footstepspreschooldehiwala

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year!


“ We are just different – Because everything we do is from the heart ❤️
We are open for admissions.
Reach out for more information on our preschool and daycare program .
075 2000 111

I was on the look out for a play based learning facility to enroll Ariella in and I was hunting for places that took in kids before 2 years as I wanted her to have that exposure before #2 came along. Here are a few reasons why I chose @footsteps_preschool .

            • The facility has a low student to teacher ratio enabling each child to get individualized attention.
            • It’s a stones throw away from our residence in Kohuwala meaning I could avoid morning traffic and not have to wake her up super early to be in school.
            • It has a wide open space (something that Ella is used to) lots of toddler friendly toys,sensory activities and play based learning activities that are familiar to her. 4.They also promote independence as with the Montessori method which is also something that’s familiar to her.
            • The teachers are kind and caring and give you a progress update of everything that happened during the day. (It helps if your paranoid like I am).
            • We couldn’t have picked better in Colombo for our daughter and we are happy with our choice. Annnddddd we will wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone

Exclusively for Footsteps Preschool Parents.

celebrating One year of success amidst a challenging period

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Following the Government directive, we are happy to announce the commencement of the daycare from the 11th of January 2021.
Please note, as per the regulations imposed by the health department, we are allowed to accommodate only 50% capacity at a time. We have therefore limited the class size and divided our classes into 2 groups to attend the preschool every other day.

“ When a woman succeeds, she reaches out to those around her and pulls them up with her. That is why if you empower a woman, you empower a whole society.” – Queen Rania..

We are extremely privileged to be featured in the

Lanka Woman Magazine

March edition 2021. Our profound gratitude to everyone who were a part of it.


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