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Emergency Contact Details


The following documents are required to complete the registration process.


Footsteps outings and Transportation

From time to time Footsteps Nursery and day care will organize trips to the park and local attractions depending on the curriculum and age appropriate outings. Staff ratios will be maintained at all times and procedures are in place to manage and reduce ricks.

Photographs (internal and external use)

We take photographs and short videos of children participating in learning activities to be used in displays around the Nursery in the children’s development records and share with current and potential parents on the nursery’s Facebook page, website, newsletters, etc. Photographs may also appear in other printed and electronic media accessible to the public (eh local newspapers) in connection with the Nursery’s marketing efforts.

I give / do not give permission for photographs and videos to be taken of my child and used for the purposes above.

Parent Signature 


Administration of over the counter medicine

If your child develops a fever or has pain or a mild allergic reaction, it may be necessary to administer Calpol, Panadol, Brufen (pain/ fever reliever) or Anti- histamine. If your child is unable to take this medication, please contact the Nursery administration to discuss alternative medication.

I give permission for Footsteps Nursery administration to give Calpol, Panadol or Brufen syrup (pain/fever reliever) or anti- histamine if my child develops a fever, or has pain, or mild allergic reaction.

Parent Signature 


Emergency Medical Treatment

In the event emergency, the Footsteps Nursery staff will take your child to a doctor or the hospital for treatment or call an ambulance. The center reserves the right to administer basic first aid and treatment when necessary.

I the event of emergency I hereby authorize Footsteps staff to take my child to a doctor or the hospital for treatment or call an ambulance and any expense of this service will be accepted by me.

Parent Signature 


Termination and cancellation

We require one month’s notice, in writing, should you wish to terminate your child’s place. Parents still remain liable for fees through the notice period. If a parent withdraws their child during this notice period the fees shall still remain payable.

In all other circumstances we will give you one month’s notice, in writing, should we wish to terminate a child’s place for any reason.

If the parents for any reason postpones a start date, we reserve the right to change from the original start date stated on the registration form.

We reserve the right to terminate a child’s place with immediate effect if any fees are not paid by the due date, or if parent, carer or child displays abusive ,threating or otherwise inappropriate behavior.

Opening Hours

Footsteps Nursery and Daycare is open from 7.30 am – 5:30  pm

Personal Property and belongings

The Nursery cannot be held responsible for any loss or damaged to any parent, carer or child’s property or belongings. However, every reasonable effort will be made by the Nursery staff to ensure your child’s belongings are clearly labeled and we suggest all toys, books and equipment’s are left at home.


These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement and understanding between parents and Footsteps Nursery. The Nursery reserve the right to update / amend these terms and conditions at any time.

One month notice will be given if any changes are made.

Parental Agreement

By signing below you are agreeing to and confirming that all the information you have given is correct and that you have read and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions details above.

For office use only

Terms and conditions

We believe these standards terms and conditions reflect the custom and practice of our Nursery. The rules about notice of fees and designed to promote stability, assist forward planning and proper resourcing of the Nursery to enable us to provide and maintain the highest standards of care we require all parents to be aware of and abide by the following terms and conditions.

Policies and Procedures

All parents must read and follow our policies and procedures which can be found online www.footsteps......

Registration and Registration Fee

We require a complete Registration form and the non-refundable registration fee in order to secure your child’s place.


Footsteps Nursery and Daycare fees are payable in advance on the first working day of the month. Accounts are payable by cash, credit. Debit card, bank transfers or monthly postdated cheque’s made payable to Footsteps Nursery and Day-care. Payment made by cash, credit/ debit cards or bank transfers must be settled by paying the whole term fees.

Any cheque payment cancelled or returned from the bank will incur a charge of ………………………

All sessions booked must be paid for, regardless of whether child attends. No refund will be given for sessions missed due to holidays or sicknesses. Failure to meet payments will result in termination of child’s place and in such circumstances the parents will not be entitled to a refund of any fees or the retainer deposit.

Collection and late collection

Under no circumstances will the child be allowed to leave the Nursery with anyone unknown to the Nursery staff unless the parents have previously arranged this. If the parents have made arrangements by telephone, the Nursery will require the name and telephone number of the person permitted to collect the child.

Parents/carers collecting children late from the Nursery will be subject to

Accidents and Illness

Footsteps Nursery has the right to administrate first aid and any emergency treatment as required. Parents will be informed of all accidents and will require to sign and accident form. For accidents of a more serious nature involving hospital treatment all attempts will be made by the Nursery to contact the parents but failing this we are hereby authorized to act on behalf of parents and authorize necessary treatment.

We will administrate prescribed medicines if parents have completed a “Medical consent” form

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